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My name is Bob Bradlee aka PostcardBob. I am a Technowledgest by vocation, those who know me well, know it's not just a job, it's a lifestyle. I collect and document Stonehenge Postcards and Stonehenge Collectables and on occasion produce a limited amount of Postal Art. Mostly Covered Bridge Postcards. I do it as a funny sort of balance of trade, to offset my eBaying. I have spend a lot of effort to documenting the collecting of IBM Collectables.

I have always found Muttering, some conceder it story telling, to be a rewarding pursuit. The fact of the matter is that my spelling tends to be bad, and my typing is not much better. I strive to address errors and omissions pointed out by those who have a better grasp of the language or subject than I. Revisionism is a task much easier performed in an online format than in hard print:)

The power of modern digital imagery, combined with the speed of the Internet allows me to document my adventures and interests. Now with the assistance of voice recognition and editing, I am now able to transcribe my Muttering and illustrate them with PostalArt or items from my personal collection.

Sometime I take pleasure in paying tribute to the adventures of others with both Mutterings and PostalArt, It all depends on what catch my fancy along the way.

My attempt at setting up a personal Blog Mutterings from the Cave over on BlogSpot.com never got off the ground!

My Current attempt is to use PostcardBob on Twitter.com in an attempt to stimulate contact with others on a wide range of subjects.

Why Covered Bridges ?

My Cave is located a long way from Stonehenge in Central Ohio. There are close to 150 covered bridges within about 150 mile drive. I like finding and photographing old covered bridges as they tend to be located in some interesting places, and are almost always very photogenic. They give me a reason to venture out from my cave out into the sticks every once and a while. If you are interested in covered bridges check out this site:"

Then Why Stonehenge ?

If you have to ask why, then you have never been there, and have never seriously pondered the many questions surrounding Stonehenge yourself. I started a new StonehengeCollectors Blog about my Stonehenge collection, but like most of my projects of late, It has not matured very far.

It is a life goal to photograph Stonehenge from the air, Someday perhaps I will, until then I will enjoy and help celebrate the flights and images of others luckier than I. StonehengeCollectable.com and StonehengePostcards.com will give you some idea of the wide range of Stonehenge cards and Collectables I have accumulated over the years and have begun to document. Duplicates from my collection along with some original Stonehenge PostalArt can be found on ebay from time to time.

Current Projects ....

September 2008: Kentucky Covered Bridge Tour A quiet weekend in Cow and Tobacco country was a pleasant break from the background noise of world affairs. I have cropped and edited 86 PostalViews, but have not created the backs, nor schedualed a printing yet.

June 2008: My latest programming project has been the development of a traffic camera viewer for Columbus Ohio. CMHcams.com provides the ability to select a set of your favorite cameras and view them quickly and easily from a single link or bookmark on any internet enabled device including smartphones.

February 2008: Collecting related activities were put on hold this month while I worked on YGAM.COM The YGAMS Game system is now playable. The scoring system is still under construction and the simple test scoring system is currently in place. Over on GAMYS.INFO I have generated a suitemap and opened up a hundred or so GAMYS list to public view as examples. Both these sites have been moved over to the new (well new to me) IBM e-server running Apache. The old Website Pro running on old Compaq1 will be soon retired by a second IBM e-server, a quad xeon this time with a lot of disk drives, mostly thanks to IBMcollectables.com's continued success.

January 2008: The holidays are over and I have begun moving this website along with many of my other web efforts over to a new, well new to me, IBM xseries @Server. As the galleries are moved I will be upgradeing them to the Gallery 2 Software and will be adding more new content along the way as the archeological dig here in my cave continues.
My New years resolution is to organize the clutter around me, continue documenting my collections for others to enjoy, and ebaying off the extra stuff and projects I will most likely never get around to finishing. Now as we all know that is the hard part, but alas I either have to prune the collecting or get a bigger warehouse to store it all in, I am not going to stop collecting, and unless everyone who stops by, bookmark's one of my ebay links and uses it, the meager returns on click troughs will not pay the rent on a new secure storage area.

On Sept 28 2007 I attended the rehearsal of the Gathering of Mustangs and Legends at Rickenbacker Intl Airport in Columbus Ohio.
I have cleaned up about 40 of my favorite pictures of the day for the enjoyment of friends and family.
PostcardBob's Airshow 2007 Gallery I hope to get some time to add more comments, but for now here are some of the photos.

A general rework of the various web sites I have created in the last few years is under way again. Over the last few year, we (yes I had help) have listed several thousand postcards from my late fathers postcard collection along with overflow from my Cave. I am proud to report over 1,234 happy ebay campers have helped to build mt eBay feedback score.

Measure your Internet Footpring at YGAMS.COM using a new statistical lookup tool I have been working on. Check it out!

I have set up a personal Blog Mutterings from the Cave over on BlogSpot.com. Check it out!
Mutterings about the Total Lunar Eclipses - March 3 2007

Mutterings: The same old New AT&T, little has changed
The same old New AT&T follow up

Older pre-blog links ...

In celebration of the summer solstice, I put several sets of Stonehenge 2005 postcards on ebay. This cards were created using some wonderful images taken by photographer and croppie Peter Sorensen, the lucky stiff who endured both crowd and litter to capture these images. I produced a small number of these cards as both Handmade GicleePostcards and as Laser Cards and proofs. A small number of them are available on ebay from time to time. Stonehenge collectors please note, this is a once in a lifetime chance to add this set of PostalArt to your Stonehenge or Crop Circle collection. Enter - Stonehenge 2005 Gallery - Here

Winter and Spring 2005 was spent working on more scientific endeavors and the subject of my postalArt clearly reflected it. Working with Bill Kramer at Eclipse-Chasers.com I produced a series of solar/lunar eclipse cards in addition to a series of cards for the Perkins Observatory gift shop. I have begun exploring the use of the moon as both a light source and as a background subject. Moonscapes by Alister Ling was published as a thank you for Alister's assistance in making some enhancements for me in his Lunar Calculator program.

The PostcardBob Covered Bridges is a set of 200+ Covered Bridge views and collages, representing close to half the total covered bridges in Ohio. My Fall 2003, Winter 2004, and Fall 2004 sets along with the Michigan 2005 sets have been combined to form one comprehensive collection. All of my Covered Bridge images are available in the form of signed prints and Postal Art by request.

"Michigan Summer 2005" a 60 card set was the results of a 4 day and 3 nights, 1450 miles road trip from the bottom of the state of Michigan entering just above Toledo and exiting down through Fort Wayne on the way back here to Columbus Ohio. Included are 36 cards documenting six covered bridges including one of the longest covered bridges in the world. The Mackanac Fort, Bridge and Lighthouse along with some nice Shipping views taken at the Soo Locks at the northern most point of this adventure help to fill out this collection.

"New Jersey trip May 2006" It is with great pleasure that my family and I were able to attended the Sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Retro-Computing Hobbyists, Inc. at the Infoage Science-History Center in Wall Township, New Jersey May 2006. This mutterings was written from a myopic viewpoint and only covers but one small aspect of what took place there that day.... Thanks to all involved !

I am still working on the We-Got-Cows 2006 Roadtrip Postcard. I will post a link as soon as they are ready.

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